PM Forto: Reasons for Closure of Park should not be Political

The Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Edin Forto, announced that a detailed report of the inspection on the closure of the Safet Zajko Center in Sarajevo was awaited, and stressed that the reasons for this measure should not be political, but only epidemiological.

“We are waiting for a detailed report of the inspection, which performs its activities independently.

“Sports and recreational spaces are a real oasis for families, but it is necessary to wait for the report,” Forto said on “Twitter”.

Yesterday, the Cantonal Inspection closed the “Safet Zajko” Center in Sarajevo, claiming that no more than 20 people can stay in it at one time.

Edin Cano, director of the company “Lokom”, which manages the Center “Safet Zajko”, was disappointed and surprised by this decision of the cantonal inspection, which, as he said, is not interested in the fact that the Center has business units, stadium stadion etc.

He added that, if the cantonal inspection does not open the Center in the next period, they will open it themselves.

“Employees of Public Enterprise Lokom, who manage and maintain the park failed to explain to the inspectors that the park is a public open space of 11 hectares where there is enough space for physical distance and that for the residents of Novi Grad Center Safet Zajko is the same as Wilson’s Promenade for Novo Sarajevo or Ferhadija for Stari Grad”, said mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo Semir Efendic. 

On this occasion, he apologized to all citizens who experienced inconvenience due to this behavior of the inspection and had to leave the park because of the “weird interpretation of epidemiological measures”.

“If in the next period the inspection does not change its position on this issue, the park will be completely open like any other public space, so let the inspection prevent its devastation, clean the garbage that accumulates there and prevent the park from becoming an illegal landfill. Miljacka river, where garbage is uncontrolled dumped in the area of ​​the former company Zora because the Cantonal Inspection is not doing its job “, concluded the Mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo.

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