PM Forto: CS Health Centers procured X-ray Devices without a Tender, and damaged the Budget by 100.000 BAM

Edin Forto, the Prime Minister of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), published a video in which he explains that there are two X-ray machines in the CS Health Centers that were paid for at a very high price. To make it even more absurd, they are rarely used.

As was determined, the devices were purchased for 150.000 BAM, and the tender was not previously published.

“We found two X-ray machines in the CS Health Centers, and each of them was paid 150.000 BAM without VAT. They were procured by skipping the standard public procurement procedure. There was no tender for companies to apply, but only one company was directly invited. A contract was concluded with the mentioned company within two days. It delivered those X-ray machines at this price,” told Forto.

He noted that this happened at the end of last year, while the second wave of infection was present in the health system.

“This happened in November 2020. It was interesting that these X-ray machines were procured during the second wave when there was great pressure on the health system. It could be understood that it was procured by emergency procedure with one supplier since people were dying. It was very difficult to fight and machines were necessary, ” as he stated.

The main issue is that one device was opened after a relatively long period of time, while the other one was simply collecting dust.

“One device was opened after two months, and the other one was never unpacked, it is left in the corner of one room. So, they justified this type of procurement with urgency, and then it turned out that it was not so urgent,” explained Forto.

He compared the price with a similar X-ray machine located in another Health Center and signed a criminal report.

“We inquired and investigated a little. The second Health Center, outside CS, procured an X-ray of almost identical technical characteristics at a price which was lower by 60.000 BAM. Essentially, using the urgency of the procedure and the pandemic as an excuse, the CS budget was damaged by 100.000 BAM. The Board of Directors or the Cantonal Crisis Staff did not give the approval for them. It was simply decided to procure expensive devices and use them occasionally. Given that we encounter such things often, I will file a criminal complaint against those responsible. I ask the Prosecution to say whether they see this in the same way as I do, ” he concluded, writes.


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