Playoffs for the First League of FBiH: Bosna Sema entered directly

bosnasema1The Playoff Draw for the Second League of FBiH for First League promotion was held in the premises of the Football Federation of BiH.

The Second League South Champions, Igman from Konjic, did not meet requirements for the First League of FBiH. As a result of this, three teams were in the draw: Sloga Simin Han (North), Bosna Sema (Center) i Krajina Cazin (West)

The draw was attended by representatives of the three clubs, and the luckiest was the winner of the Second League Center, Bosna Sema from Sarajevo. The team directly entered the higher rank of competition.

Krajina and Sloga will play in the fight for the second place, which leads to the higher rank of competition.

The first match is to be played in Cazin on June 11 at 5:30 pm, and the second leg is scheduled on June 15 at 5:30 in Simin Han.

FC Bosna Sema was founded two years ago and aims to enter the Premier League of BiH. The ambitious sports collective, founded in May 2014, got lucky in the draw and for the first time in their history they will play in the second rank of the BiH football.


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