Play ‘Umri Muški’ in Chamber Theatre 55 this Wednesday

Umri-musÌ-ki-300x424On 19 June, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see the play ‘Umri Muški’ which will be shown in Chamber Theatre 55 in Sarajevo at 8 p.m.

”Umri Muški”, starring Tatjana Šojić, Admir Glamočak, Senad Bašić is unpretentious and low-budget comedy on man-woman relations, which was the graduate play of Tatjana Šojić, and since then it has been one of the most popular plays in BiH. Numerous fans who watched the play for several times have learnt by heart the lines of Eva , Bruno an d Marija who uncover the liveliness, humour and truth of life.

The play first premiered in 1990 and since then it has achieved a great success.



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