Platform for Red Bull Cliff Diving set on the Old Bridge

Preparations for the fourth edition of the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Mostar were finalized. The platform was set on the Old Bridge, jumpers performed the first training, and the current champion Jonathan Paredes decided to use this opportunity to explore Neretva Canyon where he jumped off the cliff with Lorens Listo.

A platform was set on the Old Bridge, on 27 meters above the surface of Neretva River. This is the height from which the men will jump, while women will jump from a slightly lower height – from 21 meters.

The platform was installed by hardworking team who worked all night in order for the platform to be ready by the morning. The jumpers conducted their first training session at the freshly set platform.

“The specificity of this construction is that it was set on the Old Bridge, a cultural-historical monument, so it must not be connected to the bridge. The platform must fulfil the basic conditions, including  to be stable, strong and resistant to any wind,” stated Suad Dugalic from Arhi Plus company.

It is interesting that no one ever managed to win twice in Mostar, and those who won so far – failed to win the title that year.

“If I had to choose between the title and victory here, it would be a very difficult decision. Now, I would choose to win here. But I would probably choose the title in about two weeks,” said Gary Hunt. Michal Navratil would choose the title because he has none, while Jonathan Paredes would be happy to win both, as well as Lysanne Richard.

The defender of the title Paredes arrived to our country a couple of days before other jumpers, in order to investigate the Neretva Canyon with the well-known jumper Lorens Listo. The two of them jumped together in the beautiful green waters of Neretva River, each of them in their own style.

“It means to me a lot to jump with one of the local stars. There is a huge jumping tradition here in Mostar, and this is my first time to jump with a traditional jumper,” said the Mexican.

The first two series of jumps are scheduled for 12 p.m. today and the big finals are scheduled for Saturday, September 8, also at 12 p.m. Entrance to the competition is free of charge, and the Old Bridge will be closed from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on both days.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)




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