Platform for political action in Srebrenica has been signed

Representatives of the municipal committees of SNSD, SBB BiH, SDS, SDP BiH and SDA signed today a platform for political action of the local parliamentary majority in the municipality of Srebrenica.

With this platform, the power in Srebrenica will equally be shared by Serbs and Bosniaks.

They will share power in five public companies, schools, and places in the legislative and executive authority.

Municipal Assembly has 23 members, and they have received certificates today.

Alliance of SDA and SBiH have seven councillors, SNSD six, SDS three, and two councillors are from SBB and SDP BiH.

Mayor of Ćamil Duraković congratulated the party representatives that they overcame the animosities between them and agreed to take a joint approach to create conditions for the development of better life in Srebrenica, and that cooperation will enable better and more successful cooperation with Banjaluka and with Sarajevo.

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