Plant for Production of Wool Insulation opened in Hadžići

b_160927130Ambassador of France to BiH Claire Bodonyi and Mayor of the Hadžići Municipality Hamdo Ejubović opened yesterday in Hadžići the new plant for production of wool insulation by the BiH company Wool Line.

Director of the company Wool Line Bahrudin Bojčić stated that this is an innovative project that should encourage the development of rural areas and that around 20.000 sheep breeders should directly benefit from it.

Furthermore, Bojčić added that it is a modern plant that uses Swiss technology for production of insulation made of sheep wool, first of its kind in the Balkans. Six workers will be working in direct production and 20 subcontractors will gather raw materials in the field.

That natural insulation material is better than Styrofoam and glass wool because its characteristics are 20 percent better, and it provides much better sound insulation.

The company intends to purchase the entire amount of wool collected in the next shearing season, from April to August, which is between 1.500 and 2.000 tons of unwashed wool. The insulation material should be placed on the market of Western Europe soon.


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