Plane carrying BiH National Football Team could crash on Way to Yerevan?

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) national football team arrived in Yerevan around 13:00 o’clock by charter flight from Sarajevo Airport.

After the passport control at the Yerevan Airport, an elderly gentleman, an experienced pilot, approached the Avaz newspapers reporter and revealed shocking information.

According to him, tragedy was avoided!

“A second, more precise, one degree, was missing for the plane to crash. I claim this responsibly because I have more than 600 hours of flight time as a pilot. I will inform the BiH Civil Aviation Directorate about this incident. No one can play with human lives. You can write it freely,” said the pilot (identity known to newspapers).

“Simply, no sudden turns are allowed. The slope of 30 degrees  is fatal, and in my estimation it was 28 degrees,” the pilot concluded.

(Photo: Fena, Hazim Aljovic)

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