Plan of necessary Measures and Procedures developed for Football Competitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the situation when the management of the Federation made the decision to end the competition season in our country, the justified question is whether it made sense to organize camps for younger categories and any national team’s gatherings in general.

The director of the Football Federation BH Sports Sector, Elmir Pilav, believes that football has always offered solutions, so even now the Federation is trying to be a positive example of how to slowly and cautiously return our youth national teams’ members to the training process.

“I must emphasize that we have been thinking for a long time when is the best time to organize camps, after the competent institutions lifted certain restrictive measures that were in force during the pandemic. Having in mind that the health of the players is our primary goal, after a series of analyses and several meetings with the head coaches of our national teams, we concluded that in the Zenica Camp we can create all necessary conditions for smooth work of players in accordance with health and epidemiological procedures. Permits for the training process exist on the territory of the entire B&H, so we have no obstacles from that side. The Committee for Sports Medicine, in cooperation with the medical staff of our national teams, developed a plan of necessary measures and procedures during their stay in TC Zenica, all in order to reduce the risk of possible infection. The camps should provide the head coaches with an insight into the current form of the players, certain tests will be performed again, and in this way, we are gradually entering the preparations for the competitive matches and tournaments that await us in the autumn.”

The first gathering of some of the national teams is scheduled for next week, and until then, all preparations will be made in the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica, in accordance with the recommendations of the competent ministries regarding the beginning of the training process of athletes.

The FF BH will continue to closely monitor the epidemiological situation regarding the coronavirus in our country, implement regular sanitary and hygienic measures in the Training Centre in Zenica and respond in a timely manner to any possible change in the situation regarding COVID-19.


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