Placing the Protective Fence around the City Hall Started

cityhallWithin the action of decorating the exterior of the City Hall, currently they are working on setting up a protective fence in front of the east facade of the City Hall in the street ”Telali”.

Since within the project of renovation of the City Hall, exterior of the building was not planned, the City Administration took the initiative and started the project of paving sidewalks and installing protective fences.

It is going to be a stainless steel railing with panels and handrail, which is set to protect the facades and pedestrians, especially during the winter.

The height of the fence will be 105 centimeters, and the length 72 meters, with a sliding gate of three meters at the entrance from the street ”Telali”.

Apart from the fence, about 80 square meters of granite cubes will be set in this period, and setting cubes on the rest of the sidewalk is planned in the future period.

The setting of the fence was approved by the Institute for the Protection of Monuments under the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The work was initiated by the City Administration of Sarajevo, the investor is the Directorate for Roads, and the contractor is KJKP ” RAD ”, was reported from the City Administration of Sarajevo.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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