Pizzeria in Ilijas gives Free Meal to People in Need

pizzeriaAware of the financial situation nowadays, pizzeria “Mehdijano” in Ilijas near Sarajevo decided to help the hungry people.

What makes this pizzeria different is an unusual inscription which can be read at the entrance to the object, which says: “Here can get a free meal anyone who cannot afford it”.

In the beginning there were some donations, mostly from foreigners when they come to the summer visit to BiH, but today there is almost no donors. However, the owner of pizzeria Mehdija Hodzic and his family are persistent in the intention to help the people in need.

“During the summer, while the diaspora is here, there are some payments. However, we can always provide a meal to this people. The more you give, the more you have, and yours is only what you give – this is our guiding principle,” said one of the workers.

They allow people in need to choose what to eat that day. They offer pizza, cooked meat, chicken…

Family Hodzic always helped others. They respond to any humanitarian action.

“Every year is organized the Memorial Karate Tournament Rashid Buca, and we are always sponsor in the form of lunches. We make 30 lunches for judges and participants every year, ” said the employee in this pizzeria.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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