Two tunnels Grabosječ on Corridor 5C Piereced

tunel_vijenacAt the motorway Vlakovo-Tarčin, subsection LepenicaSuhodoll, the tunnel Grabosječ was pierced, whose right tunnel tube is 830 meters long and 860 meters left.

This means that the total length of both tunnel tubes excavated is about 1.7 kilometers. On the highway corridor 5C this is the second tunnel after tunnel 1. March (Vijenac). The tunnel Grabosječ will be constructed by Turkish company Cengiz Insaat, in partnership with local companies as subcontractors in this subsection. The works on the excavation of the tunnel began in February this year and in a very short period of only seven months there are breached both tunnels.

Tunnel Grabosječ is done according to contemporary Austrian method.

The subsection LepenicaSuhodol is about 5.5 kilometers long. Apart from the tunnel Grabosječ, the major works that are being done in this subsection are bridges Lepenica 1 238 meters long and Lepenica 2, 219 meters long. The deadline for completion of the subsection LepenicaSuhodol is by the end of 2014.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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