Picnic Sites near Sarajevo are full of Visitors

Yesterday’s temperatures around 25 °C made an ideal day for family or touristic walk to the picnic sites near Sarajevo, the capital city of BiH.

There are numerous picnic sites near Sarajevo where many citizens of Sarajevo, as well as tourists, were looking for refuge from the traffic jams and high summer temperatures. On weekends, everyone is “escaping” from the city and searching for mountain, forests, shade, rivers, and streams.

The natural monument of Vrelo Bosne is totally worthy of walking a 3.5 km long walk through the shade of chestnuts. You can also take a carriage or bicycles, but it would be a waste to miss a healthy walk.

There was also a lot of visitors on Jahorina Mountain, mostly parents and children who came to enjoy a clean air.

The weather was ideal for hanging around and picnic and some of the visitors enjoyed sitting on the grass while others wanted a little bit of comfort and brought their own chairs.

A bit lower daily temperatures in comparison to the previous days, especially in the mountains such as Jahorina, attracted many visitors to spend the day out and enjoy the beauty of nature.

(Source: Se. H./Klix.ba)

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