Physicists from BiH won Bronze Medal and Two Praises at Physics Olympics held in Tel Aviv

Young physicists from Bosnia and Hercegovina, who represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 50th International Physics Olympics held in Tel Aviv, Israel, from July 7 to July 15 returned home with a bronze medal and two praises.

The International Olympiad of Physics is one of the world’s most famous competitions of high school students of natural sciences that brings together the best young physicists from all over the world. This year’s Olympics was attended by 78 countries with 366 students. Each country can participate with up to five students. Students during the eight days of the Olympics are competing in solving the theoretical and experimental tasks.

Representatives of our country at the 50th International Olympiad of Physics were Fahrudin Delić (First Bosniak High School, Sarajevo, IV Class), Muhammad Sokolović (Richmond Park College, Sarajevo, IVth Class), Nola Šegalo (Richmond Park College, Sarajevo, , Dragan Marković (Gimnazija “Filip Višnjić”, Bijeljina, IV grade) and Alen Mrdović (Second High School, Sarajevo, IV grade), while team leaders were Mirsad Tunja and Selver Pepić. Dragan Markovic won the bronze medal while Muhammad Sokolovic and Nola Šegalo won the prizes.

Until now, representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1996 International Physical Olympics participated as an independent state, and have won five silver, eight bronze and 32 prizes.

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