Photos of Lukac all over Banja Luka after Incident with Stanivukovic


After an incident occurred two nights ago at session of Republika Srpska National Assembly during which the Minister of the Interior Dragan Lukac physically assaulted MP Drasko Stanivukovic, photos of Lukac captioned “Dangerous Lukac” and ” Beware of Lukac” could be seen all over Banja Luka.

Lukac found the justification for such an act because he felt “threatened”, and Stanivukovic said he would not give up his fight and announced protests for Thursday in the center of Banja Luka.

On 23rd December, Republika Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukac slapped NSRS  Party MP Drasko Stanivukovic after an argument over NATO flags in the Assembly room. During a speech at the RS National Assembly, where a special session on the BiH Reform Program was being held, Lukac addressed Stanivukovic, who, with several other opposition members, brought small NATO flags to the Assembly hall.



The flags were put there in protest because Stanivukovic believes that by signing the Reform Program, which was sent to NATO headquarters, member of BiH’s Presidency Milorad Dodik annulled “the RS’s military neutrality.”

Still, Lukac had a different view of the flags. “While I was fighting over my head, NATO planes flew in. I was watching if bombs would pop over my head. You can’t bring those flags. You were small then, but you should know some things now, otherwise you will end up as flags, “Lukac said.

Afterwards, Stanivukovic approached Lukac, with the intention of explaining how he would end up, after which Lukac called him monkey and slapped him.



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