Photo of a Girl from BiH went all round the World

KHANSaturday’s protest rally of extreme British right-wing movement of EDL (English Defense League, England League Defense) was marked by a brave move by a girl who is originally from BiH.

The photo where Saffiyah Khan laughs at extreme rightists went around the world and it was shared thousands of times on social networks.

This girl from Birmingham said that she did not want the fame, but only to protect the woman that was surrounded by 25 men from the right-wing movement.

She explained that she was reserved and remained out from the column of demonstrators, but she decided to get involved after the woman said that the members of the EDL are Islamophobist.

“She was suddenly surrounded by a group of 25 people. Then I stepped forward, introduced myself as someone who supports her,” said this girl who was born in Britain, and whose parents are from Pakistan and BiH.

After her courageous move, one of the protesters behaved violently towards her.

“He was very aggressive, but there was a policeman who separated him from me. I would not answer him violently,” said Saffiyah Khan.

Her brave move impressed many people, including famous journalist Piers Morgan, who noted that this is the “Photo of the week”.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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