Photo Exhibition ‘Under the Sky of Herzegovina’- Alija Šunja

alijasunja‘Under the Sky of Herzegovina’ is the name of exhibition that will be open tomorrowat the Galery Boris Smoje, within the Festival ‘Baščaršijske noći 2013’, in Sarajevo.The author of exhibition, Alija Šunja, is a great lover of nature, one of the most famous Bosnians Mounteneers, member of the Mountaineering Assosiation ‘Prenj’ in Mostar.

He was visiting the mountains and with his camera immortalized all the natural resources that surround us, and all that, to convey to citizens a touch of mountainbeauty Herzegovina.

The passion for the photography he developed long ago. He says that ‘Not everyone is able to go on mountains and to see the harmony that nature provides, so, I want to bring that little peace of nature that can be photographed’

He has photographs from all across the country that he has visited ‘up and down’, but in this exhibition presents only a small part of the beauty of Herzegovina. He hopes there will be more, because, as he says, ‘photographs are cure for not forgetting”
Opening of the exhibition is announced for 12th July at 19.30h at the galery Boris Smoje and will be open until 21st July 2013.

(Source: Fena)

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