”Pet Couture” in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Elma Serdarević

December 2, 2012 8:29 AM

Elma Serdarević currently works on her diploma paper on the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, from the Department of Production Design.

The interesting fact is that this young, successful designer is the first one in Bosnia and Herzegovina who started the fashion brand called ”Pet Couture”, which is mainly designing and manufacturing clothes for pets.

She came up with this idea because of her great love for animals. She started to do fashion design since the age of 16, and achieved to merge her love for animals and her creative ambition into an interesting product on the B&H market.

All interested in the design of Elma Serdarević can visit her web site: www.petcouture.ba

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  • congratulations Mrs Serdarevic! Really well done! In my opinion Mrs Serdarevic, in the future, will be well known in Balkans as well as internationally due to the fact that people in the modern times pay more and more attention to their pets. Furthermore, the website tis professionally done, easily accessible and the photos are clear and big enough. And the pets clothes is really interesting and unique!

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