Persons without Health Insurance will be able to apply for Immunization in Sarajevo from Today

As of Tuesday, all persons without health insurance in the Sarajevo Canton will be able to apply for immunization through a special application, the CS Health Insurance Institute announced. 

The Institute adds that the lists of people over the age of 75, as well as those between the ages of 65 and 75, were forwarded to all family medicine clinics with the task of being interviewed. 

“All insured persons of the Health Insurance Institute of CS over the age of 65 will be called in the next period and asked from the appropriate clinic if they are interested in vaccination, and their answers will be recorded and entered into the information system,” the statement added. 

On this occasion, it was emphasized that it does not matter when the application is made, because this survey only expresses interest in vaccination, and the order of vaccination is already determined in advance according to priorities, ie categories.

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