People of Mostar had the Opportunity to “Tour the World” in 80 Minutes

UWC Mostar Tour the World klix.baWithin the marking of 53 years of existence of the UWC movement, the United World College in Mostar organized the program titled “Trip around the World in 80 Minutes” yesterday at the Spanish Square (Spanski trg).

The program was made of the presentations of countries, traditions and cultures of students from 60 countries of the world.

The representatives from all countries set up their booths decorated with traditional dishes, drinks, and customs specific for their area. All passersby has an opportunity to get a passport and visit the booth of the country which was the most interesting to them, and the representatives of that country would stamp their passports.

Valentine Mendoljevic, the Director of the College in Mostar, said that record number of countries presented themselves at the manifestation this year.

“Events of such character are very interesting to the citizens. All attendees had an opportunity to meet the culture and tradition of some truly exotic and distant countries in 80 minutes. With our celebration today, we want our citizens to celebrate as well”, said Mendoljevic.

UWC Mostar is one of 15 UWC colleges in the world, and the only one in the Balkans.

“I come from Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia which is located at the shores of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Our traditional dish is dry fish which we dry in a special way. Also, our culture is marked with string instruments which our ancestors hand-crafted for ages”, said Su Myat Noe.

Representatives from Lebanon, Ahmed and Joun, also attracted the attention with their traditional clothes and tasty dishes.

“Today we represented our country with traditional clothes and food. Our country is recognizable for the endeavors to preserve its customs and tradition, so while sewing traditional costumes it is being taken care of many details. Our food is very spicy and the most popular traditional dish is zatar, pasta dipped into spices and olive oil. When it comes to sweets, we presented several types of baklava, to which no one has remained indifferent today”, the students said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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