People from BiH living in Denmark collected about 50.000 BAM for little Arslan

People from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) living in Denmark, have collected 174.144 Danish krones, which is almost 50.000 BAM for the little boy Arslan Kulacic.

The humanitarian organization of people from BiH living in Denmark, “Most-BroBosnjaka” has done thousands of actions for 14 years of humanitarian work in Denmark, and as they said, this one exceeded all expectations so far.

A large number of BH citizens in diaspora took part and contributed. The action involved 840 families and individuals. The funds raised in the action “Za Arslana” amount to 174.144 Danish krones.

To recall, the chief doctor of the Istanbul hospital Acibadem, prof. Dr. Caglar Cuhadaroglu, recently said that little Arslan began to receive chemotherapy immediately after the operation, and is now passing a key process that could last for several months.

Cuhadaroglu said that in the last two weeks there has been an improvement in the health condition of boy Arslan. Furthermore, baby Arslan Kulacic was diagnosed with a brain cancer immediately after birth.


(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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