Pendes: 715 Persons received in the Army in the past 2 Years

armyYesterday in Sarajevo, the Minister of Defense of BiH Marina Pendes presented the publication “Two years of success and progress,” in which was presented everything that has been done at the European and Euro-Atlantic path, as well as the situation in the Armed Forces of BiH.

She stated that the special focus in the publication was placed on the main activities of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of BiH, such as the defense of the country, participation in peacekeeping missions, response to natural disasters and accidents, and the process of demining, in which the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces are participating as well.

“We put special focus on participation in peacekeeping missions and with the decision of the Presidency of BiH soon will be confirmed the participation in mission in Central Africa together with European forces,” announced Pendes.

She noted that the mission of the EU is very important for political reasons as well because the priority of BiH is to become part of the EU.

In the publication, among other things, was stated that 715 persons were admitted to military service in the past two years, that more than 5,000 tons of ammunition were solved in various methods and that the Armed Forces of BiH demined more than five billion square meters of contaminated areas during 2015 and 2016.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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