Peace Caravan visits the Sarajevo YFF

peaceThe Peace Caravan, organized by the Center for Building Peace Sanski Most, will visit the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival on Sunday, August 28.

During the visit to the YFF, around 30 young people who participate in the Caravan will have an opportunity to meet the participants of the mentioned festival, who also come from different parts of BiH. On that occasion, a panel discussion on the importance of reconciliation and building of permanent and stable peace in BiH and the region will also be held.

Panel discussion will be held on Sunday at 10 am in the House of the Armed Forces of BiH in Sarajevo.

After the panel discussion, all attendees will send a joint and strong peace message to the broader public. The Peace Caravan visits 20 cities of BiH. Activities and workshops within the Caravan are led by Vahidin Omanović and Mevludin Rahmanović, peace activists from the Center. The Caravan is being held within the USAID project Pro-Future.

PRO-Future is a four-year-long project of the USAID whose aim is to build reconciliation and trust between citizens of all ethnic groups in BiH. It is grounded on the belief that cbuilding of permanent peace begins with the opening of a clean dialogue and with understanding the other side. The project is being implemented by the Catholic Relief Services in cooperation with the Foundation Mozaik, Caritas BiH, Civil Forum Tuzla, the Helsinki Parliament Banja Luka and the Interreligious Council in BiH.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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