Patriarch Porfirije: Unity and Calmness in Preservation of the Serbian Identity

Serbian Patriarch Porfirije said today in Doboj that his heart was filled with joy because he came to Republika Srpska on the occasion of the Transfiguration of the Lord and pointed out the need for unity and calmness, as opposed to disagreement, in order for Serbs to preserve their name and identity.

In order for that to be possible, the Serbian patriarch pointed out, it is necessary not to sell yours at any price, because when the Serbian people know what is theirs, they will know how to appreciate others, and in that we should follow the experience of our ancestors.

“Unity, love and faith make us know that God loves us,” said Patriarch after the celebration ceremony on the occasion of the baptism of the city of Doboj, the Transfiguration of the Lord.

He said that peace is the path of the Serbian Orthodox people and that it is important for Christ to be in the heart and soul of every man.

The Serbian Patriarch blessed those present.

“There is a lot of content in that holiday, primarily to be good people, because every man has some talent and is called to transform,” said the Serbian patriarch.
Being an Orthodox, he stated, is a great obligation and responsibility.

“We Serbs know who we are, where we are from and we know our goal. We know that we are ancestors for centuries, that our name is a Christian, and our surname is Orthodoxy. Our full identity is a Serbian Orthodox “, said the patriarch, Srna news agency reports.

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