Path of B&H Towards Euro-Atlantic Integration

Lagumdzija InzkoThe President of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) B&H Zlatko Lagumdžija received today the High Representative for B&H Valentin Inzko, with whom he discussed a number of topical issues, with a particular focus on the issues that B&H faces on its path towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

At the meeting, they highlighted the importance of the month of September, when intensive talks will take place ahead of a high-level meeting ‘EU-B&H on the process of B&H’s accession to the EU’, which is scheduled for 1 October 2013 in Brussels.

They agreed that the problem of implementation of Sejdić- Finci should receive attention without any delay for the inclusion of a wider number of key local actors, as well as the international community. It is especially important in the next period to continue the process of resolving the issue of military property as a condition for future NATO integration that is not only a security issue, but also an issue for strengthening institutional capacity and prerequisite for larger investment in B&H.

Among other things, Dr. Lagumdžija spoke to Inzko about a set of anti-corruption laws that were initiated by SDP and placed in front of the FBiH Parliament, as well as on future activities that would have a reflection on the economy and that primarily relate to infrastructure projects and projects in the energy sector.

A significant part of the discussion was devoted to political blockades that continue to be exerted by SDA through the abuse of institutions of vital national interest, and with the sole aim of retaining political seats. Like many times before, the undemocratic behavior prevented the formation of a new FBiH government in accordance with the will of the parliamentary majority.

Dr. Lagumdžija said that SDP still retains the view that the new federal parliamentary majority should form a government with Prime Minister Nikšić at the head as an expression of an earlier agreement. Until this happens, the current government would have to work within its technical mandate, in which SDP staff would do everything to isolate and marginalize anti-reform processes that block all changes and act under the principle ‘The worse the better’. SDP will not agree to repeat the scenario of Sarajevo Canton, where SDA, together with DF and its other satellites brought this canton to collapse.

They emphasized that no one has the right to block the functioning of institutions, and they agreed that a solution is possible for this unnatural situation, announced SDP B&H.

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