Partisan Memorial Cemetery demolished by Vandals again


The Partisan Memorial Cemetery, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national monument, was once again targeted by vandals, even at the time of the coronavirus epidemic, Avaz news portal reports.

Again, numerous memorial plaques were destroyed to fallen anti-fascists, as confirmed by the Mostar Anti-Fascists Association. It was stated that during the time of curfew, in a time of restricted movement, in a time of prohibition of movement for children under 18 and persons over 65, this act of vandalism happened.

Those responsible for maintaining public order in the city cannot say that it was done by juvenile hooligans, because minors are forbidden to move.  Demolition, by all indications, was done at night, at a time when only those with special permits could move.

So, who demolished the National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina at this time and by whose order?  UABNOR Mostar underlined “that the demolition of national monuments is the demolition of the state, and for the demolition of the state it is the duty of all to sanction the perpetrators.”

(Photo: Z.Milicevic for Avaz news portal)



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