Part of the City Hall to be Library again

Yesterday, the city councilors supported the use of part of the Sarajevo City Hall as the space of the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina (NUB BiH).

According to the City of Sarajevo, this is an initiative of the Chairman of the City Council, Jasmin Ademovic (NiP).

This means that the NUB BiH will be able to use the space in the City Hall in the area that belongs to it according to the Main Project for the renovation of the City Hall building.

In the explanation of the submitted initiative, Ademovic pointed out the great importance that NUB BiH has for the state and the capital, which preserves important national and university library materials and thus also preserves and promotes the national and cultural identity and heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In his initiative, Ademovic pointed out that until the destruction and burning of the City Hall, on the night of August 25-26, 1992, NUB BiH used the City Hall space and that the issue of NUB BiH accommodation and its valuable library has not been permanently resolved since then.

He also pointed out the fact that the City Hall space deserves to be a place where the national and university book treasures of the NUB will be located, and that the NUB BiH, according to the Main Project for the renovation of the City Hall building, has an area of ​​2,321.60 square meters.

Therefore, it is necessary, as he stated, to take all necessary measures and activities as soon as possible to introduce the NUB BiH into the mentioned area, Klix.ba writes.

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