Panama Press: List of People from BiH who founded Offshore Companies to be published soon?

12946957_1147255748658713_1527576716_oThe leaking of information on offshore companies that were founded in tax havens is a striking news all over the world. Journalists from BiH who participated in the project “Panama Press” stated that the data about BiH will be published in several weeks.

A large number of world leaders, owners of private companies and associates found themselves on the black list of potentially the biggest financial scandal in the past years titled “Panama Papers”.

“Panama Papers” is actually a global investigative venture of several hundred journalists who aim to penetrate into the secret world of bank accounts in countries that enjoy some kind of tax relief or where tax liabilities are easily avoided.

The published documents already mention the names of certain presidents, prime ministers and other high state officials from different countries. Bosnia and Herzegovina, actually the journalists from BiH, also took part in this global venture.

Drew Sullivan and Miranda Patrucić, as members of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), participated in the entire project and will soon present results for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Journalist Miranda Patrucić confirmed that the names of persons from BiH connected with offshore companies founded by the company Mossack Fonseca will be published in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, Patrucić confirmed that even in the case of BiH there are “resounding” names mentioned in the Panama Papers that reveal persons who have been using offshore companies to avoid paying taxes and to use other reliefs.

Patrucić explained that BiH is mentioned in the Panama Papers many times, but that only in the coming period it will be confirmed how many people from BiH used offshore companies and in which contexts.

For now, BiH is mentioned only in a text published by the Irish Times, which states that there are no companies from BiH on the list, but only one user and three shareholders of fund.

When the data is finally ready, the OCCRP will present it to the public through their web page and through partner organizations.


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