Panama Papers: The Date of Database publishing known!

13120870_1165896383461316_1428392229_oThe international consortium of investigative journalists will publish the database with information about more than 200.000 legal and physical entities under the “Panama Papers” investigation on May 9.

It is expected that this database will make public the largest number of names of offshore companies and people who are behind those companies. In this way, the public will also know which people in the region opened offshore accounts.

The data originates from the Panamanian legal company Mossack Fonseca, and the data refers to the companies, trusts and funds at 21 locations, from Hong Kong to the US state of Nevada, which are rightfully called the tax oases. The data refers to people from over 200 countries.

Although this is the largest database of this kind which will be free for access, it will not publish all the data about people under investigation, but only carefully filtered information, mostly general corporate information.

Therefore, account numbers or data on financial transactions, emails or phone numbers will not be published. The consortium stated that limited information will be published due to public interest.

These documents also mention several persons and companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, precisely three stakeholders and one user name.


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