Palmer met with Leaders of the parties’ city Committees in Mostar


US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and State Department Special Envoy for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer met with leaders of the parties’ city committees in Mostar on Thursday, Fena news agency reports.

“Today, US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson and I met with representatives of nine political parties that participated in the negotiations to reach an agreement on holding elections in Mostar after 12 years, which will allow the citizens of this city to vote after such a long period. It is very important that these elections are held in accordance with the highest democratic standards,” Palmer said.

Palmer added that holding the elections for the Mostar City Council is “a great achievement and a positive step for democratic development and progress”.

He emphasized that it is also important that these elections, when held in December, be fair and transparent and that citizens have confidence that the elections will express the true will of what they want.

“It is very important that people vote in elections and that is why I will meet today with a group of young people to appeal to them and encourage them to participate in political processes, to vote and express their opinion,” said Palmer.

He said that the United States, the European Union and the OSCE are working to support civil society to ensure that all polling stations in Mostar are 100 percent covered by observers.

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