Over Two Thousand Health Workers gathered on Protests

Photo Monika Ćubela Savić

”If the government representatives remain indolent and do not invite us to negotiations and adopt our demands in the near future, we will start a hunger strike,” said today the president of the Independent Trade Union of Health Workers of Herzegovina-Neretva County Dalibor Vukovic.

Vukovic told reporters at another protest rally in front of the HNC government building, where trade unionists again demanded the signing of a new collective agreement on the rights and obligations of employers and workers in the field of health.

“A magnificent gathering of health workers, all 2,600 of them with their representatives, is here, and the relevant Minister of Health, Prime Minister of the HNC and Minister of Finance should be ashamed because they put these workers in this position to demand their rights in front of the Government building today. On this occasion, we can also announce the construction of a tent and a tent settlement, after that we will go before the HNC Assembly, and after that, if our demands are not adopted soon, we will go on a hunger strike, “Vukovic said.

He stressed that he still believes in a fair, honest and lawful decision of the Mostar Municipal Court.

“The union’s legal team sent the evidence and during the day they arrived at the court and I believe that in the next few days the acting judge in this case will reconsider the evidence and make a fair decision. The government mentions that it has goodwill and intention to negotiate, but is constantly putting pressure on the Court to make a decision to end the strike.

Healthcare workers are not afraid of anything, they work legally. The police came several times to legitimize us, they put pressure on us, it is probably part of their job, and we still welcome them on a professional basis so far and we believe that they will remain so, “said Vukovic.

He sent another invitation to the County Minister of Health, the County Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister of the HNC to sign a collective agreement, BHRT writes.

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