Over One Tonne of Tobacco seized in Bosnia and Herzgeovina


The action was conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska, and the value of seized tobacco in the illegal market amounts to tens of thousands of BAM.

Acting on a warrant and in coordination with a prosecutor on duty at the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, police officers of the RS MoI RS Banja Luka, discovered and seized about 1100 kilograms of raw tobacco in the Banja Luka area, without appropriate excise and financial documentation, contained in a cargo vehicle.

The excise duties prescribed by law, for 1 kg of tobacco, amount to about 100 BAM, and there is a basis for suspicion that the mentioned transport of smuggled tobacco resulted in the evasion of excise duties and duties in the amount of about 110 000 BAM, for which the BiH budget was damaged.

The confiscated tobacco will be deposited as part of the criminal proceedings, and a criminal report will be filed against the suspects.




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