Over One Tonne of Municipal Waste collected in BiH


The estimated quantity of generated municipal waste in 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 1.243.973 tons, i.e. 355 kg per capita annually, or 0,97 kg per capita per day.

In 2018, public transportation collected 920.540 tons of municipal solid waste, which is 0,7% more than the previous year.

In the total amount of collected waste, mixed municipal waste accounts for 90,9%, separately collected waste 4,0%, waste from gardens and parks 3,1% and packaging waste with 2,0%.

In 2018 at landfills 957.494 tons of waste were disposed, which is 0,7% more than the previous year, according to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Agency for Statistics.

After the ban on the disposal of medical waste at the Uborak landfill, the Mostar hospitals has been in the big problems for several weeks.

For a long time, a large pile of medical waste stood in near the hospital these days, while today we have a similar scene in the courtyard of the Faculty of Medicine, within the University Clinical Hospital Mostar.

The amount of waste is huge, containing infusion bottles, things used during treatment, beds becoming surplus in hospital rooms, which points out on the dangerous situation where hazardous waste accumulates for days near an institution such as a hospital.

Medical waste was one of the reasons why the Uborak Landfill had not recently received an environmental permit from the FBiH Ministry of Environment.

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