Over One Thousand different Election Irregularities found

The Coalition “Under the Magnifying Glass” announced today the results of the second preliminary report on the long-term observation of the Local Elections 2020 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the period from September 7 to November 8, stating that they recorded 1,245 different election irregularities in that period.

As pointed out at today’s press conference, observers of the Coalition “Under the Magnifying Glass” registered that the largest number of irregularities related to the banned campaign (242), the work of campaign officials (201), misuse of public resources (163) and trade in polling stations (85).

According to the project manager of the Coalition “Under the Magnifying Glass”, Dario Jovanovic, the largest number of applications refers to political entities SNSD (45), SDA (30), SDS (11), HDZ BiH (10), DNS (5), SDP (5). ), etc.

“The practice of trading seats in polling stations continues. Drastic examples come from Zvornik, where the SNSD has all or most members in at least 15 of the 87 polling stations, or from Stanari, where as many as 39 political entities are registered to run in elections with less than 8,000 voters, which points to phantom political entities the goal is to trade in polling stations, ”Jovanovic said.

He adds that the practice of putting pressure on voters and buying votes has continued, which was reported by coalition observers in 77 cases.

Numerous allegations of buying votes at prices ranging from 50 to 150 BAM have been recorded. A number of political entities have redirected their campaign activities to social networks and other audiovisual tools for political promotion.

Also, pre-election political rallies were recorded contrary to all recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus, without reactions from the authorities and sanctions.

The abuse of the social network Facebook to use inappropriate speech is particularly highlighted.

Cases of paid premature campaigns, allegations of misuse of personal data for voting by mail, trade-in polling station seats, purchase of votes, as well as other observation findings, were submitted to the Central Election Commission of BiH.

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