Over One Million Meals distributed to Migrants in BiH

April 22, 2019 7:00 AM

At the Reporting Session of the Red Cross of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was concluded that, through 118 employees, about 2,616 volunteers, a great contribution to assisting BiH population was done, improving health and social protection, and education of citizens of BiH.

“The total estimated value of the assistance and services provided to citizens and community is 3,000,000 BAM, in the Red Cross soup kitchen 1,032,815 meals were prepared and distributed to migrants, and 23,862 donated blood units were given. Especially important activities were recorded for migrants who are temporarily located in the IOM camps in BiH, where the organizations, primarily the Red Cross of the City of Bihać, the Red Cross of the Una Sana Canton and the Red Cross of Mostar with the Professional Service in Sarajevo, humanitarianly dispose of (preparation and distribution of food, hygiene, shoes, equipment for collective stay, first aid, psycho-social support and so on) a large number of migrants on the Balkan route, “the Red Cross said.


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