Over Four Hundred Participants started Sailing on Una River

The water caravan on the river Una started sailing on Thursday morning with more than 400 participants.

“Great atmosphere, beautiful nature, great people. Actually, it’s all beautiful. We enjoy every moment,” said Dalida Jurcic Markovic, a participant of Una regatta from Rijeka in Croatia.

All the participants started a unique water adventure from Martin Brod to the most beautiful part of the National Park – Strbacki Buk.

The Una National Park, this year, also took care that the participants of the Una Regatta experience all its charms both on the water and on the land.

“This is an exceptional event with the tradition that the visionaries, in the 1960s, started, sportsmen and nature lovers, in our natural beauty and on the river Una. We are continuing what someone started in the 1960s. We continue in one trend, to position Una National Park and Una Sana Canton on the world travel map,” said Amarildo Mulic, director of NP Una.

Una Sana Canton Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic stressed that these events are sending messages that this area between the two national parks is the area of tourism, good people.

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