Over 70,000 BAM of Fines for Irregularities at Work


Inspectors of the Cantonal Inspectorate for Inspection Affairs of the Canton Sarajevo supervised 28 employers who employed about 2,000 workers during the holidays and were ordered to submit evidence of a January salary increase.

During the New Year holidays, the inspectors carried out increased inspections to enable workers who had been working days to be entitled to an increased salary in accordance with the Labor Law.

It was noted that large shopping centers in the Sarajevo Canton did not work on January 1st, so controls were carried out in shopping and catering facilities, including hotels, larger shopping chains and marketplaces. In the event of a salary increase, the inspectors will take misdemeanor measures, which in this case amount to 1,000 to 3,000 BAM for legal entities, or 2,000 to 5,000 BAM.

At the same time, it was announced from the Cantonal Inspectorate that controls on these circumstances would be continued during January.

In order to control the legal status of workers and to exercise their employment rights, the competent inspectorate conducts regular and intensive inspections throughout the year in the afternoon, weekends and holidays.

In December 2019, labor inspectors carried out a total of 388 inspections, recording the work of 21 persons without a contract of employment and applying for insurance.

Due to the recorded irregularities in the implementation of the Labor Law and the regulations adopted on the basis of it, the inspectors issued 86 misdemeanor orders in the total amount of 72,918 BAM.



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