Over 3,500 Persons attended “Justice for Dzenan and David” Today in Sarajevo

Today’s protests “Justice for Dzenan” in Sarajevo passed without any incident, and according to police estimates, close to 3,500 citizens attended the rally.

“The Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior Police Directorate has taken planned measures and actions within its competence to secure today’s protest. According to initial estimates, about 3,500 citizens attended the protests. No incidents were reported,” a MUP spokesman told Klix.ba. Mirza Hadziabdic.

In addition to the residents of Sarajevo Canton, citizens from all parts of BiH also arrived to protest.

During the protest, the ambulance teams intervened several times because some people got sick.

The protests were held on Susan Sontag Square in front of the National Theater in the center of Sarajevo. The gathering started at 1 pm and ended at 3 pm, Klix.ba writes.

photo: BHRT

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