Over 3.5 Million Persons crossed BiH Border in One Month

In the last month, 3,521,499 people crossed the BiH border, according to the BiH Border Police and appealing to passengers to monitor the situation, and to use alternative border crossings in case of traffic jams.

The Border Police announced that, considering the tourist season, the number of crossings at the entrance and exit from BiH is expected to increase.

During the tourist season, the international traffic of passengers through certain border crossings for border traffic was approved, it is stated in the announcement.

The statement states that the detentions at the Zupci border crossing, between BiH and Montenegro, are occasionally longer than an hour, because, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers, detailed checks of foreign citizens are performed.

The Border Police stated that about 10,000 passengers pass through the Zupci border crossing every day, and that the complaints about the work of members of the BiH Border Police at that border crossing are unfounded.

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