Over 230,000 Guests visited Pannonia Lakes in Tuzla

Pannonian Lakes – Tuzla

The bathing season on the Pannonian Lakes is over for this year. Despite the limitations, it can be said that it was very successful. This space is now open for walks and other activities.

Although temperatures are low, visitors still use the warmest part of the day for the last swim in this year’s postseason. For others, again, this period is ideal for relaxing on the beach.

This summer, the Pannonian Lakes were visited by a large number of guests from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the western part of Serbia, the eastern part of Croatia, but also some countries outside the region.

MAID POROBIĆ, director of “Pannonica” Tuzla says that they had a very good summer. Even over 55 sunny days in continuity with temperatures over 30 degrees and that is the basic condition for business that to be successful.

“We can say that over 230,000 guests visited Pannonia,” Porobic added.

The number of visitors to the Pannonian Lakes this year is twice as high as last year, and the total number of tourists in Tuzla is less than the record 2019. The Tourist Board of the City of Tuzla is satisfied with the statistical indicators, given the current epidemiological situation.

“We are really trying to return, that is, the measure is the data from 2019, which was really a record, not only in Tuzla and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the global tourism sector was on the rise,” Irma Nisic from Tuzla Tourist Board explains.

In the following period, Tuzla is expecting the literary manifestation “Cum grano salis”, which is expected to attract a certain number of guests. At the beginning of December, it is planned to set up houses on Freedom Square, which will be given free of charge to small craftsmen.

Respecting the prescribed epidemiological measures, winter activities will be organized in the area of ​​the Pannonian lakes, where a large city ice rink will be in the foreground.

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