Over 200,00 Persons in Federation of BiH are fully vaccinated

So far, 577,040 doses of coronavirus vaccines have been given in the Federation of BiH, with 209,748 people fully vaccinated, according to the entity’s Institute of Public Health (ZZJZ FBiH).

According to the report of the FBiH PHI, in the period from March 8 to September 5 this year, 367,292 people received the first dose, and 209,748 received both doses.

Most up to doses were administered in Sarajevo Canton – 167,855, then in Tuzla Canton (119,916).

89,180 doses of vaccines were given in Zenica-Doboj Canton, 58,664 in Central Bosnia Canton, 56,105 in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, and 13,469 in West Herzegovina Canton. In Canton 10, 13,286 doses were given, in Posavina 8,944, while in Bosnia-Podrinje Canton 7,830 vaccines were given.

In the Federation of BiH, more than 143,000 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic, and 5,669 people have died as a result of the disease.

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