Our Party: building of Three Skyscrapers in Sarajevo will aggravate Situation with Air Pollution


Our Party (Nasa Stranka) has condemned the adoption of changes to the Quadrant C1 – Marijin Dvor Regulatory Plan, which envisages the construction of three skyscrapers in the immediate vicinity of the Energoinvest building in Pofalici settlement.

Our Party Club voted against the amendment to the Quadrant C1 – Mary’s Court Regulatory Plan at the City Council meeting on January 29th.

“Club President Samir Fazlic states that the very fact that, at the end of January, the City Council of Sarajevo, the city whose air is the most polluted in the world, votes for the construction of new skyscrapers will further aggravate the situation, it is clear that the city administration cares more about investor profits than about citizens’ health, ” Our Party said in a statement on Saturday.

Fazlic also cites a number of irregularities in the Regulatory Plan, which were the main reason why the Club of Our Party did not support.

“The regulatory plan does not envisage a single square inch of green space across the entire complex of the future complex. The internal height of the usable space has been reduced in order to provide the highest number of floors, an insufficient number of parking spaces, blur the eyes of the public with recommendations for a green roof, which is impossible under the regulations, etc. However, the main reason why our party was against this is that this is yet another blow to the lungs of Sarajevo and a direct blow to the citizens’ health, ” the statement concludes.

On January 29th, the City Council of Sarajevo adopted amendments to the regulatory plan for the premises of three residential and commercial buildings whose floors range from P2 (basic dimensions) to P19 (vertical accent) whose total floor area is P = 5.640 m2 and BGP = 51.950 m2, as well as the retention of the gas station with the planned winter garden extension.




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