OSCE Welcomes Initiative on Proposal for Amendment to the B&H Election Law

OSCEThe OSCE Mission to B&H welcomed the recent initiative of certain political parties represented in the B&H Parliamentary Assembly to submit a proposal of amendments to the B&H Election Law, in conjunction with the provisions of Article 9.3 of the Election Law, which refers to the name of the municipalities in the RS.

‘’Adoption of the amendment would allow the Central Election Commission of B&H to call the 2014 general elections. The OSCE Mission to B&H encourages all members of Parliament to support this proposal’’, said the OSCE.

Also, the OSCE stressed that the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H should take all the necessary measures to implement the judgment at the European Court of Human Rights in the ‘Sejdić-Finci’ case and the judgment of the constitutional court in Mostar.

(Source: Fena)

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