The OSCE hosted a Presentation on “Improving the Role of Parents in Schools’ Inclusive Practices”

anernsThe OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted a Presentation on “Improving the Role of Parents in Schools’ Inclusive Practices” in city of Kalesija.

The aim of the presentation was to point out to parents, teachers and school managers the best practices and importance of participation of parents in schools’ work.  A further key element is the support that parents can provide to educational institutions, through direct participation in determining schools’ priorities within the Index for Inclusion, and inclusion of all children in the educational process in accordance with their needs.

Senada Pepeljak, President of Tuzla Canton School-Parent Council Association, emphasized: “Importance of the workshop is reflected through the fact that parents’ awareness is raised regarding the significance of their participation in the development of school quality and inclusive education.  In the main part of the workshop, using the method of mind-mapping, we formed development teams comprised of parents, pupils and teachers with the aim of identifying the needs in schools and defining priorities with an emphasis on preparing the school for inclusion of all children in curricular and extra-curricular activities.”

Thepresentation, organized in co-operation with Tuzla Canton Association of Schools and Parents Councils and Tuzla Canton Reference Centre for Inclusion in Schools, is the eleventh presentation in Tuzla Canton organized by the OSCE Mission to BiH throughout the last year. More than 400 participants were included in to-date activities. Examples from municipal levels will be analysed at the Cantonal Conference planned to be organized in the second half of 2015.


(Source: OSCE)

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