Orthodox Christmas welcomed and celebrated in Tuzla

In the presence of a large number of believers, an evening service took place in the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin in Tuzla last night, with which was celebrated the Christmas Eve and announced the arrival of the happiest Christian holiday, the Christmas.

The solemn liturgy was led by Milan Topic, who said that they are celebrating the day in which God came down to endow the eternal and impenetrable life to mortal believers, and take them to the heavens.

“The Christmas is the day when God became a man, in order for men to become gods. That is the day when the heaven and earth joined together, and when God reconciled with people, and people with him. It is the appearance of heavenly peace on earth and invitation to all people to be at peace and to respect mutual forgiveness. This is the day when people realized that they are all brothers and that is why we need to bow to God and Christmas,” stated Topic.

He also stated that the real celebration of Christmas represents reconciliation in the family, between spouses, children and parents, friends, godfathers and neighbors.

He said that whoever has hatred in himself on Christmas, even towards an enemy, then he did not understand the measure and depth of love that follows believers on this holy day.

After religious rituals, the believers continued with hanging out over a glass of boiled wine and they continued to celebrate Christmas within their families.

Preparations for the celebration of Christmas lasted for 40 days, and a special attention was given to the fast, with which the believer works on its personal spiritual and physical preparation for the holiday.

(Source: klix.ba)

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