Original Program of Match between Manchester United and Sarajevo in 1967 sold on Ebay


In the middle of December last year, an original program from the then Champions Cup match between Football Club Sarajevo and Manchester United, played on November 15, 1967, at the Kosevo Stadium, was sold on the auction site Ebay.

It was the first match of the second round of the then Champions Cup, and the second was played on November 29th in Manchester.

All these years, it was possible on the auction websites, as well as the ordinary ones that sell, not only programs but also other football rarities, and even today one can find a copy of this program, but he does not remember that the original was ever offered for sale.

The main reason is that only a few copies of this rarity program were printed before the match itself and distributed in the lodge of the old Kosevo stadium.

Even today, 53 years later, no one can officially confirm the exact number of original copies printed that far back in 1967 for this match, one of the biggest and most significant in the history of FC Sarajevo.

At the same time, with the Manchester United away game in 1968 against Estudiantes from Buenos Aires, this program was officially proclaimed the rarest and most valuable item in the history of the Manchester United football giant.

The man who sold it for £ 3,111.11 is from Scotland and there is not much information about the buyer except his ebay registration name.  With 12 photos attached, the seller briefly described how he was able to reach this extremely rare specimen, with which he also sold the original ticket from that match.




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