Organized Exercise “Plane Crash at Sarajevo International Airport”

avion_nesrecaSimulation of the plane crash B -737 with 45 passengers on the board and crew members took place today at the  Sarajevo airport.

Sarajevo International Airport, the Institute for Emergency Medical Services, the Professional Fire Brigade Unit, the airport staff of Stup, the Police of Sarajevo Canton and the Armed Forces of B&H participated in the action.

Sarajevo Airport shall perform this exercise every two years to test the competence of the staff as well as the current operational plans and procedures in emergency situations.

The action was monitored by the action headquarters, who after the exercise will give the final assessment in regard to the success of this exercise.

Commander of rescue fire service of the Sarajevo International Airport, Kemal Cacan said that such a thing can happen anytime and anywhere.

“This is one of the most complicated operations that could occur while performing our tasks”, stated Cacan.

He added that the survival time of passengers in a burning plane is 138 seconds, so firefighters have one minute in disposal to extinguish the fire.

(Source: Fena)

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