Organization Schüler Helfen Leben Is Organizing Student Exchange With Germany

IMG515The youth organization Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) and the German Embassy will enable the exchange of several hundreds of students from BiH with German schools in the next year.

Teachers who are interested in this could register with SHL starting on 8 July.

The Ambassador of Germany to BiH Ulrike Maria Knotz and the Director of SHL in Sarajevo Aida Bećirović signed a corresponding agreement on 13 June worth 93.000 euros.

Thanks to this, next year 300 students from all over the country will be able to participate and become familiar with every day life in German schools and families.

The Embassy is trying to secure additional funding from EU funds, so that more young people could participate in the exchange and how they could include schools from other countries of the EU in this project.

“It is important to us that the youth enter into contact with their colleagues from other countries in order to expand their horizons and improve their language skills’’, said Ambassador Knotz.

“The assassination on the Latin Bridge in the heart of Sarajevo in 1914 started the First World War. 100 years later, this project would include the construction of a new bridge, a bridge between the EU and the Balkans, between students in Germany and BiH’’, said Aida Bećirović.

The organization of SHL will establish contact between interested schools in BiH and Germany and support teachers in the preparation and the realization of exchange programs.

The German Embassy will pay transportation costs in the amount of 200 euros for BiH students.

Their families will receive additional financial support in the form of return visits of students from Germany.

Teachers who wish to participate in the exchange program can receive further information from SHL at aida@shl.ba and can register from 08 July 2013, announced the German Embassy to BIH.

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