Organisations will soon not be able to supply Migrants with Food and other essential Necessities

Due to the increasing number of migrants attempting to enter the Una-Sana Canton area and the inability to adequately handle them, the Red Cross of the Kljuc Municipality has submitted a request for assistance to the competent institutions.

It was stated from the organization that their resources are fully exhausted and that, with no help from the side, they will soon not be able to supply migrants with food and other essential necessities.

According to Sead Lepirica, secretary of this organization, in the last four days 75 migrants have been detained at this site, of which 11 are unaccompanied minors, as well as four families with small children.

“At the police station Velec, vehicles and all the migrants are stopped. No one cares except us and we put them in a nearby building under construction, where there is no electricity and water and there are no conditions for stay, “says Lepirica.

He adds that they are providing food, clothing, but because of the growing number of migrants arriving at their resources, they are completely exhausted.

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