Opening of the Winter Season on Bjelasnica on December 16?

Works on vertical transportation and artificial snowing on Bjelasnica are finally completed. “Technical review on artificial snow is completed, as well as on the six-seaters and four-seaters, and we are now waiting for the using permits,” said the Director of PUC ZOI 84, Midhat Hubijar.

The winter ski season on Bjelasnica will be opened on Saturday, December 16, when the official opening ceremony of the season will take place as well. The next day, December 17, will have a manifestation character and a concert of BH band “Zabranjeno pusenje (Forbidden Smoking)” will be organized for visitors.

“We are completely prepared for the most demanding obligations, and we believe that this season will be better than all other seasons, since we are no more depending on snowfall. We can produce snow now and we can put ourselves at the disposal for up to 150 days during the winter season,” stated Hubijar.

According to him, although the winter season officially lasts until March 31, the ZOI 84 will be able to extend the season now, and that will depend on weather conditions.

He also noted that skiers and snow lovers can expect better conditions than ever.

There are 30 new and 7 old snow guns on the trail. The precondition for their efficient operation is the temperature below zero.

“We need a temperature below zero for artificial snowing. We will prepare the entire Bjelasnica in order for the season to be extended by the end of April,” noted Hubijar.



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